Course Policies

1 Honesty Policy

This course is governed by the university’s policies on academic honesty and computing, which you can find at I will pursue disciplinary action in cases of misconduct.

2 Late Policy

With few exceptions, late work won’t be accepted and you’ll get a 0. There are a few reasons for this: Sometimes, an assignment and its solution will be discussed in the lecture immediately after it is due, or used in a minor lab, so it’s infeasible to grade late work fairly. In addition, many assignments build on one another, so it’s good to avoid a policy that lets you slip behind.

If you have an important, immovable, scheduled event, like a job or grad school interview, or observation of a religious holiday, and it conflicts with a course deadline, let me know as soon as possible (ideally at least 48 hours before the deadline you conflict with). We can arrange a workaround.

Any other kind of late work needs documented extenuating circumstances to be considered for credit, contact me ASAP if that comes up.

3 Grading

This course does not have exams. Your grade will be a combination of grades on your major labs, your written assignments, and lab participation (for minor labs).

Your programs will be graded with a combination of automated testing and (my) human judgment for design and partial credit. Written problems will be graded for clarity, concision, and correctness. Grading of minor labs is based mostly on participation. Peer test review will not factor into your grade.

The relative weights are:

Major Labs: 60%

Minor Labs: 10%

Written Assignments: 30%

4 Disability Accommodations

If you believe that you need accommodations for a disability, please contact Leslie Hempling in the Office of Student Disability Services (Parrish 113) or email to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs. As appropriate, she will issue students with documented disabilities a formal Accommodations Letter. Since accommodations require early planning and are not retroactive, please contact her as soon as possible. For details about the accommodations process, visit the Student Disability Service Website at You are also welcome to contact me privately to discuss your academic needs. However, all disability-related accommodations must be arranged through the Office of Student Disability Services.