Luke's Home Page
Luke \'lu:k\ n [L Lucas, fr. Gk Loukas] : a hacker and slacker who's goal is to dabble in everything before deciding upon what he really wants to do. Documented sightings are exteremly rare, however if you'd really like to you can try and find him. Luke takes up much of his copious free time with reading, juggling, biking, running, hacking, sleeping, cooking, and other gerunds.

My initals are ALH. "So, Luke," you might ask, "What's the 'A' stand for?" (Note: This is usually just after you've asked me what my middle name is. Luke, obviously. Duuh.) 'A' stands for Alfred, my father's first name. (Well, it's obviously not his last name, is it? Sheesh, some people.) Since 'Alfred' was already taken, (and I refused, even at that point, to be a 'junior') my parents called me 'Luke' from birth, and it just, well, stuck. And now you know the rest of the story...
Luke Hankins / Feb 22, 1995