s-rcon -- sean's small and simple remote console for half-life

	s-rcon is sean's small and simple remote console utility for halflife
	and halflife-based mods.  It can be used from either the command prompt
	or interactively.

	I don't have the time to extensively document this, but the source is
	freely available below (GPL), and I'm more than happy to answer any
	questions you have by email.

	update 2003/03/17: i've revamped the code a bit, i believe
	the standard rcon commands work, and there's limited support for
	issuing other commands (like sv_info or whatever).  feedback welcome.

s-rcon v1.10 (Unix/linux/*BSD)

is available here, or you can browse the source here.

s-rcon v1.0 (win32)

can be downloaded here (note: the win32 version was compiled using a borland c compiler, and is the old code made before changes to the netcode. probably doesn't work at all. sorry but i only use windows for playing CS now, gnu/linux for everything else...:). seriously though, the linux code will probably work in windows just fine under cygwin. if you take the time to test it, let me know. questions? comments? jokes? complaints? donations? pizza? email me!