wuzzah -- stalk, er.. watch your friends


the idea: you have friends on a system, and you want to know when they log on and off when you're logged on. what's more, maybe you're tired of throwing together crappy/clunky who(1)/w(1)/finger(1) commands in obfuscated shell/perl scripts that only half do the job anyway.

the solution: wuzzah. wuzzah is a program that selectively scan's a system's utmpx records (where logins are stored, amoung other things), keeping an eye out for your friends logging in and out. wuzzah is small, fast, efficient, and written in C. huzzah!

I've done my best to make the code as portable as possible, and currently I've sucessfully tested/run wuzzah on:

and it should run just fine on any system i haven't mentioned that has at least some kind utmpx or utmp support. if you've run this on a system that isn't listed above, let me know!


wuzzah is downloadable in a few formats. if you're just a tgz kind of person, I have tarballs. if you're a fan of cvs (and have an account on the cs machines, since we have no pserver), you can get the most bleeding edge version as well as the latest tagged release.

to install, if you've never installed from source before see the file INSTALL, or run ./configure --help. To learn more about running the program (various cmdline args and whatnot), I wrote a man page just for you. so, wuzzah(1). rtfm :).

most current version: 0.53

you can also just browse the source code here


questions? comments? jokes? complaints? donations? pizza? bug (fixes)? anything else? send an email to seanius at seanius.net.