WiCS Board Members.

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Gabriela Brown


Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Class Year: 2018

Major/Minor: Computer Science, and undecided between Engineering and Biology

Gabriela arrived at Swarthmore interested in Engineering and Biology. Despite having grown up in Silicon Valley, she only had a vague background in Computer Science from a self-guided online class she puzzled her way through the summer before college. It wasn’t until she took CS 35 that she realized CS is really interesting and totally worth pursuing. She is currently interested in Biotechnology and other applications of CS. Outside of classes, Gabriela has fiddled with a website of her own and is a contributing backend developer for SwatCoRe. She is a ballet dancer through and through, and is part of Swarthmore’s Swing Club. She loves eating (and cooking) good food and longs to travel Europe to embrace her Italian heritage. She enjoys reading and philosophizing, but hates writing. She spends entirely too much time browsing Pinterest, enjoys listening to music, and depending on the semester, plays flute in the Wind Ensemble.

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