printing and printers

To see where a printout went, visit the printserver's web interface:

From there you can click on the Jobs tab, or try these links:

show all jobs

show completed jobs

show active jobs

To find a known printer (which lab/office it's in):

# lookfor printer_name
$ lookfor thedicer
thedicer is a printer in 240
$ lookfor theslicer
theslicer is a printer in 239
$ lookfor theshredder
theshredder is a printer in 256

To look for printers, see all printer names and locations link or run our printers command.

To find rooms, see our map of CS labs and offices with room numbers link.

Note: and any user should be able to delete a stuck job using lpq and lprm, or using the show active jobs link.

adding a printer to your laptop

See the ITS Canon Printers page for info on how to add the copy machine as a printer. Our printer/copier is compsci-scicenter239A, so for macs you can add it as lpd://

For the lab printers, try using the full name of the printer (e.g., when you "Add Printer".

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