Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

history of the cs T-shirts at swarthmore college

2015-2016: oreilly
2014-2015: digital
2013-2014: phoenix
2012-2013: upside down trees
upside down trees
2011-2012: how to recognize
how to recognize
2010-2011: pop culture
pop culture slayer
2009-2010: segfault slayer
segfault slayer
2008-2009: recursive submarines
recursive submarine shirt
2007-2008: hilbert
hilbert shirt
2006-2007: spicerack
spicerack shirt
2005-2006: koans
koans shirt
2004-2005: shoot foot
shoot foot shirt
2003-2004: wasn't hicks
wasn't hicks shirt
2002-2003: this is not a pipe
not a pipe shirt
2001-2002: kfc
kfc shirt
2000-2001: haiku
haiku shirt
1998-1999: grep this
grep this shirt
1996-1997: fun in the sun
fun in the SunLab