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Andrew Danner Tia Newhall, Kevin Webb
Computer Science Department
Swarthmore College
Library Documentation
We currently provide Library documention including software package dependencies, install instructions, and code samples for serial, OpenMP, pthreads, and CUDA demo applications. Source code for the library is available at Github.
Courses and Assignments

In our intermediate course CS31: Introduction to Computer Systems, we used ParaVis to implement serial and pthreads versions of Conway's Game of Life.

In CS40: Computer Graphics we used ParaVis with CUDA to implement alpha blending of multiple moving semi-transparent circles. A longer version of this project from CMU that precedes ParaVis motivated this application.

In CS87: Parallel and Distributed Computing, we used a precursor of ParaVis to visualize a cellular automata that models the spread of fire using CUDA.