Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science


Here are the names of the printers in each lab:

  • main lab: TheDicer
  • overflow lab: TheMincer
  • robot lab: TheGrater

The printer you use is set by the PRINTER environment variable, which you can see by typing echo $PRINTER. It should be set automatically for you, depending on which machine you're using.

To print text files or postscript files, use the lpr command as follows:

$ lpr filename
$ lpr -P TheDicer filename

Use lpq to see your place in the print queue (ex: lpq -P thedicer). This is particularly useful if your print job seems to be taking longer than usual. You can also view the print queues here.

For postscript files, it is often useful to preview them first, before printing. Try evince as follows: evince file.ps. evince can also display and print .pdf files.

To save paper, please try mpage or enscript, which allow more than one page to be printed on a single sheet of paper. This is highly recommended for printing large programs. Here are a few examples to try:

$  mpage -4f filename | lpr
$  enscript -2rhGj filename
$  enscript -C -Ec -2rGhj prog.c  (pretty print for C progs)

The Computer Science Department has a limited fund for printing supplies. Please print only CS-related documents on the CS Lab printers. Use the Beardsley public-area printers for other printouts.