Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

firefox problems

There are two common problems with firefox: it won't start because it says it's already running, and it starts but the Back button doesn't work and your bookmarks are all gone.

Since these problems seem to happen a lot, we've created scripts (killfox and fixfox) that you can run from the command line to fix them.

Please email local-staff if these scripts don't work for you. Also, running the first script (killfox), usually necessitates running the second script (fixfox).

From the CS Help FAQ:

Here's an example of running each script:

$ killfox
You should be running this command because firefox claims
it's already running and won't open (even though it's not).
Should I fix this [Y/n]?
deleting lock...
deleting .parentlock...
Okay, it should work now.

$ fixfox

If firefox is still running, hit Ctrl-C to exit this script, 
quit firefox, and run this script again. 
If firefox is not running, hit enter/return to continue...

How many days back do you want to go? Enter 1, 3, 5, or 7: 3

moving old firefox directory to firefox_old
copying in firefox directory from snapshots:
cp -r /snapshots/daily.3/users2/uname/.mozilla/firefox /home/uname/.mozilla/firefox

Try running firefox again; if there are still 
problems send an email to local-staff