Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

cs email

accessing mail

Starting in the Fall of 2007, your CS email will get forwarded by default to your ITS account, so you should be able to read your CS email using Swatmail. If you don't have an ITS account, or want to send email from the CS machines, keep reading.

There are several programs that you may use to handle mail on the CS machines. Here is a list with some links for more info about each program:

Please ask the sysadmins if you need help with or want more information on these programs.

forwarding mail

If you want your CS mail forwarded to another address (like your swat address), it's easy.

  • Make a file named ".forward" in your home directory

    $ emacs .forward (or use vi)

  • In the body of the file, write the address to which you want your mail forwarded.


  • Save the file.

  • To stop forwarding your mail, just delete the file.

    $ rm .forward

addressing mail

  • You should remember that:
    • username@cs.swarthmore.edu is a CS address
    • username@swarthmore.edu is a Swarthmore address
    • username@sccs.swarthmore.edu is an SCCS address

    Someone's username at the Swarthmore or SCCS networks is probably not the same as their username on the CS network. Also, while every Swat student, staff, and faculty member has a Swarthmore e-mail address, usually only CS students, faculty, and staff have CS e-mail addresses, and whoever wants one can get an SCCS address.

  • To find the username of someone, you can use the command "list-users".

    $ list-users -(name or part of name) such as

    $ list-users -jon

    which gives you all users with "jon" in their user and/or last name.

    To find out how to use list-users, type

  • To send mail to another user on the CS network, you only have to type their username. The program will fill in "@cs.swarthmore.edu".
    So you can type:

    To: local-staff

    and leave it at that!

    Warning: This does not work for SCCS and Swarthmore addresses! If you type an SCCS or Swarthmore username without the @blah.blah.edu, it will add @cs.swarthmore.edu to the end, try to find the address, and send you a message saying it can't find the user's mailbox.