recordmydesktop examples

I use this to make movies for teaching and lab assignments. It pops up a box/frame on your desktop, and starts recording anything that happens inside that frame. When you’re finished, hit Cntrl-c and it saves the video to an out.ogv file. You can view the video with mplayer out.ogv, or upload it to youtube.

To record top left corner of desktop at 60 frames/sec:

recordmydesktop --fps=60 -x 0 -y 0 --width=854 --height=480 --no-sound

To watch the result:

mplayer out.ogv

Note, it starts recording right away, so I usually have things ready and paused, then start recordmydesktop, and then un-pause whatever I’m doing/recording.

You might also want to convert the ogv to mp4:

ffmpeg -i out.ogv out.mp4

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