Using tshare to Share Terminals

If you are working on a team lab with a partner, it might be helpful to share a terminal. There are sophisticated tools that allow this and much more (see: tmux). The CS network includes a tool called tshare which provides fewer features but using a simpler interface.

If you and your partner want to share a terminal, one of you will need to share the terminal and the other will join need to it.

Hosting a Terminal

If you want to share your terminal with your partner, log in to the CS network (using e.g. ssh or PuTTY) and run tshare. You will get a message that looks something like this:

Your terminal is now shared with this ID: 1bd51fbb-1435-05c807830227-044a6c31

This terminal window is now shared. Copy the ID – here, 1bd51fbb-1435-05c807830227-044a6c31 – and send it to your partner.

Joining a Terminal

Once your partner shares a terminal, you can join it using the ID your partner sends to you. Run tjoin passing it the terminal ID as an argument. For instance, in the above example, you would type

tjoin 1bd51fbb-1435-05c807830227-044a6c31

You may be required to provide your CS network password. You will then see the shared terminal. Both of you have control over this terminal. Be polite!

Ending the Shared Session

If anyone connected to a shared terminal closes the terminal (either by pressing Ctrl+D or by typing exit or logout), then the shared terminal closes. If you disconnect due to a network error, however, your terminal will stay open and you can use tjoin to rejoin it. Make sure to save your ID!

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