changing monitor brightness

We wrote a dim command that allows you to easily change the brightness of the screen:

dim 0.8

The above command sets the brightness to 80%.

Our script just calls the redshift command shown here:

redshift -o -l 0:0 -b 0.8 -t 6500:6500

which also sets the brightness to 80% (the -b option). Try redshift -h to see other options.

To just change the color/temperature, use the capital O option:

redshift -O 3000 

The 3000 is a lower temperature (redder). Values from 3000-6500 are typically used (higher value means more blue light).

If you like the other options, you can make an alias for your command and put it in your .bashrc file:

alias mydim='redshift -o -l 0:0 -b 0.8 -t 6500:5500'

Then just type mydim in a terminal window and it will run that full command.

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