new users (how to set your CS password)

Follow the steps below to set the password for your CS account.

You should have received an email about your new CS account, which includes your username and a link to our password service:

At our password service site, click the “Click to Request Reset” button:

Now enter your username and click the “Request Password Reset” button:

That should send you an email:

So go back to your Swat email and look for the message (and click the link):

That should take you to our user agreement form, which…you guessed it…you have to agree to. :)

Once you agree, you’re given the chance to enter a new password. Make it a good one (the status bar should turn green), type it twice, and hit “Reset My Password”:

If everything worked, you should see a success message:

You can now ssh to the CS computers using your new password. See our remote access page for help using ssh.

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