dsu examples

Our dsu command shows your disk usage. To see your top 5 largest directories and files, just run dsu from the command line:


You can also give it a specific sub-directory with the -t option:

dsu -t cs68

Here’s an example of the command’s output:

$ dsu
*** Total space used in /home/dduck1: 
271M    /home/dduck1
*** Top 5 largest directories in /home/dduck1: 
28M /home/dduck1/cs35
21M /home/dduck1/apertium-ita
17M /home/dduck1/.config
16M /home/dduck1/.mozilla
13M /home/dduck1/apertium-srd-ita
*** Top 7 largest files in /home/dduck1: 
86M 12:07 ./atom-1.18-amd64.deb
79M 12:07 ./nvidia-script
6.6M    09:31 ./cs35/core
5.7M    09:31 ./apertium-srd/apertium-srd.srd.dix
5.2M    09:32 ./apertium-srd/.deps/apertium-srd.srd.srd.dix

Note: if you are running this command to see why you are over your disk quota, see our using /scratch and /local page for tips on extra storage options.

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