the swarthmore college computer science user agreement

The Computer Science (CS) systems (computers and network) are provided for computer science research and study at Swarthmore College. We want you to use these systems in good faith. Below are some examples of acceptable and unacceptable use. It is not meant to be exhaustive.

You, the user, must:

You, the user, must not:

We, the faculty in this department and system administrators of these systems, will:

Please note that email and other files are not guaranteed by the computer science department to be private – please observe precautions when using these systems, especially when using it in conjunction with the Internet. The sysadmins reserve the right to cooperate with other sysadmins by providing necessary data when the CS machines are suspected of causing or being a recipient of unacceptable activity.

Misuse of this system and its services may result in loss of computing privileges, demands for financial restitution, and/or disciplinary action depending on the severity of the offense.

If you have any questions about the acceptable use of the CS systems, please ask a system administrator or professor first, before doing anything. To ask, please email local-staff at

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