Due at the start of class 11:59pm, Friday, February 2, 2023

1. About Written Assignments

Written assignments are not worth as much as lab assignments, but are designed to give you some extra practice on lecture material and on some of the type of questions you may see on course exams.

You can work with a group of three to four students (total, including yourself) on homework assignments in this class. Please read this information about working in your study groups and tips for working on joint homework assignments with your study group: About CS31 Homework and Study group.

You will submit just one joint solution by your group by turning it in on Gradescope on the day it is due. Here’s a tutorial on how to turn in Group Homeworks on gradescope. If you are unsure of how to make this work, you can also just bring it in to the start of class. Make sure that the names of all the students in your group are included in the group submission, and be sure to take turns in different group roles each HW assignment (see the link above for more information).

2. The Assignment

Here is the assignment: Carrays.pdf

Clicking on this link, will open the PDF in your browser and you can print it from there. Write your answers on the printout that you then submit.

If you save the PDF to a file on your CS account, you can print it using lpr. By default, lpr will print to the printer in the lab where you are working. Be sure to pick up your printouts and don’t waste paper unnecessarily.

$ lpr Carrays.pdf

3. Handy Resources