1. Due Date

HW 9 due: Due by noon, Wednesday April 21, 2021

2. About Written Assignments

Written assignments are not worth as much as lab assignments, but are designed to give you some extra practice on lecture material and on some of the type of questions you may see on course exams.

You are required to work with your assigned Homework and Study Group on homework assignments in this class. Please read this information about our requirements for working in your study groups, group roles, and tips for working on joint homework assignments with your study group: About CS31 Homework and Study group.

You will submit just one joint solution by your Homework and Study group to gradescope (see the link to the assignment below). Be sure that all students in your group are included in your gradescope group submission, and be sure to take turns in different group roles each HW assignment (see the link above for more information). The homework assignment will include a section that you fill in specifying who served in each role.

How to use Gradescope is a short video stepping you through how to use gradescope and how to add group partners to create your joint Homework Group gradescope submission.

3. The Assignment

Here is the assignment: processes.pdf

Submit your answers through the gradescope HW 9 link.

For this assignment:

  • For both questions you will upload an image of the figure you draw, and answer the other parts directly in gradescope.

In general, for some homework questions you may enter your answer directly in gradescope and for others you may upload an image or .pdf file with your solution in gradescope. Sometimes we give you an option to do either.

3.1. Creating electronic files to upload in gradescope

There are many different ways to create an electronic file version to upload, some include:

  • Hand write your answer on paper, and upload a photo image from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Use some software to write-up your answer (googledocs, powerpoint, …​) and create a .pdf version to upload (either screenshot or using a save as pdf feature of the software you are using).

  • print out the .pdf of the assignment, hand write your answers to a problem, take a photo with a smartphone or tablet of your answer to each part and upload it in gradescope.

On exams, you will also do file upload of solutions in gradescope. The most expedient way to do this is by handwriting and image upload, so we recommend you practice that with some of your homework file uploads prior to an exam.

For handwritten answers, make sure your writing is legible. For any image you upload check the uploaded file with your answer and make sure it is readable and includes your full answer. If not, take another photo and try again.

4. Handy Resources