Quiz 4 Study Guide

Quiz Study Guides are provided as a courtesy. You may work with other students on the questions, and ask questions about the guide during evening ninja help sessions, on piazza, or during meetings with faculty and staff. We do not provide full solutions to the quiz guides.

You are responsible for all material covered through the end of Week 8.

In addition to all concepts from Quiz 3, you should understand the following:

Python concepts

  • object oriented programming

  • graphics objects

  • instance of a graphics object

  • data and methods of an object

  • animation

  • mutability of objects

  • lists and strings as objects

  • list methods (e.g., append(), len(), repetition, concatenation)

  • top-down design

  • bottom-up implementation

  • stubbed-out (prototyped) function

  • list of lists

Graphics Objects and Methods

  • GraphWin: setBackground(), getMouse(), setCoords()

  • Point: getX(), getY()

  • Circle: getCenter(), getRadius()

  • Line: getP1(), getP2()

  • common methods for graphics objects: draw(window), move(dx, dy), setFill(color)

  • also color_rgb(r,g,b)

Practice problems

  1. For the following program, briefly describe what it does and draw a picture it might produce.

    from graphics import *
    from random import choice
    colors = ["red","green","blue"]
    gw = GraphWin("QUIZ",200,200)
    p1 = Point(0,0)
    p2 = Point(50,50)
    first = Rectangle(p1,p2)
    for i in range(4):
        for j in range(4):
            block = first.clone()
            RL = choice(alph)
            letter = Text(block.getCenter(), RL)
  2. Write a function called isVowel(letter) that has one parameter, letter. This function should return True if the letter is a vowel (upper or lowercase), False if not. For example, calling isVowel("i") should return True, and isVowel("Q") should return False.

  3. For the following program, show the full output when the program is run to completion, and draw the stack as it would look just before the computer executes the return count statement.

    def update(L, S):
      count = 0
      data = S.split()
      for item in data:
        if item not in L:
          count = count + 1
      # draw stack here
      return count
    def main():
      words = ['roses','are','red']
      line = 'violets are blue'
      result = update(words,line)
  4. Write a program that asks the user for a number (positive integer, n), and then asks the user to click the mouse n times, anywhere in a graphics window, each time drawing a small red circle where the user clicked.

  5. Given the assignments for S, L, P, and C, what is the value and type of each expression?

s = "abcdefg"
L = ['Join me', 'and we can rule', 'the galaxy', 'as father and son']
P = Point(100,200)
C = Circle(P, 5)
                             VALUE            TYPE
                             -----            ----
"a" in L[2]
"ABC" in S
P.getX() > 600