CS21: Using atom

There are lots of options and keyboard shortcuts in atom. You don't need to learn them all, but the ones below will help you be more efficient. There's also a flight manual if you want to read more about atom.

atom keyboard shortcuts

keys result
PageUp move up a page
PageDown move down a page
Ctrl-g enter line number, move to that line
Home move to beginning of line
End move to end of line
Ctrl-RightArrow move right one word
Ctrl-LeftArrow move left one word
keys result
Ctrl-l select line (repeat to select multiple lines)
Ctrl-Ins copy line
Shift-Del delete line
Shift-Ins paste line
Ctrl-] indent line
Ctrl-[ unindent line
keys result
Ctrl-z undo
Ctrl-Shift-z redo
Ctrl-o open file
Ctrl-n new file
Ctrl-s save
Ctrl-q quit
keys result
Ctrl-Shift-= increase font size
Ctrl-Shift-- decrease font size
Ctrl-TAB go to next Tab
F11 toggle full screen