$ python3 textinfo.py This program will identify the words that most distinguish one text corpus from another. Here are the files in the text folder: [ 0] ALL.txt [ 1] AUSTEN.txt [ 2] BRUNTON.txt [ 3] BURNEY.txt [ 4] CANON.txt [ 5] CHAWTON.txt [ 6] DEFOE.txt [ 7] FIELDING.txt [ 8] PAMELAPARODIES.txt [ 9] RICHARDSON.txt [10] SCOTT.txt [11] SHELLEY.txt [12] SINGERMENDENHALL.txt [13] anonymous_beer.txt [14] anonymous_kid.txt [15] austen_emma.txt [16] austen_lady_susan.txt [17] austen_mansfield_park.txt [18] austen_northanger_abbey.txt [19] austen_persuasion.txt [20] austen_pride_and_prejudice.txt [21] austen_sense_and_sensibility.txt [22] brunton_discipline.txt [23] brunton_self-control.txt [24] burney_cecilia_1.txt [25] burney_cecilia_2.txt [26] burney_cecilia_3.txt [27] burney_evelina.txt [28] burney_the_wanderer_1.txt [29] burney_the_wanderer_2.txt [30] burney_the_wanderer_3.txt [31] burney_the_wanderer_4.txt [32] burney_the_wanderer_5.txt [33] scott_bride_of_lammermoor.txt [34] scott_ivanhoe.txt [35] scott_rob_roy.txt [36] scott_the_lady_of_the_lake.txt [37] scott_waverly.txt [38] shelley_frankenstein.txt [39] shelley_mathilda.txt [40] shelley_the_last_man.txt [41] taylor_twinkle.txt To get started, you may want to try austen_emma.txt and austen_northanger_abbey.txt Enter choice for the 1st corpus: 1 Enter choice for the 2nd corpus: 2 The 10 most frequent words in /data/cs21/novels/AUSTEN.txt are: Frequency | Word ----------|------------------------- 26950 | the 24938 | to 23126 | and 21847 | of 13715 | a 13618 | her 12866 | i 11560 | in 11396 | was 10481 | it The 10 most frequent words in /data/cs21/novels/BRUNTON.txt are: Frequency | Word ----------|------------------------- 15635 | the 12119 | to 11352 | of 8428 | and 6846 | i 6665 | her 6431 | a 5128 | that 4897 | she 4671 | in The 10 most prevalent words in /data/cs21/novels/AUSTEN.txt relative to /data/cs21/novels/BRUNTON.txt Score | Word -------|------------------------- 234.8 | anne 186.4 | edmund 152.0 | thomas 81.4 | collins 70.1 | everything 66.3 | elizabeth 58.8 | anything 55.7 | anybody 53.4 | louisa 47.5 | catherine The 10 most prevalent words in /data/cs21/novels/BRUNTON.txt relative to /data/cs21/novels/AUSTEN.txt Score | Word -------|------------------------- 520.1 | laura 210.0 | douglas 210.0 | graham 103.9 | glen 70.7 | forehead 68.5 | joys 66.3 | thy 64.1 | industry 55.3 | dreary 55.3 | edinburgh Choose a word to see it in context: forehead Here are the occurences of forehead in /data/cs21/novels/AUSTEN.txt: ------------------------------------ sweat stood on her forehead the manuscript fell from ------------------------------------ Here are the occurences of forehead in /data/cs21/novels/BRUNTON.txt: ------------------------------------ his hand upon his forehead and raised his handkerchief that stood upon my forehead i passed the apartment of agony from her forehead but she never complained the room wiped his forehead and sat down again curiosity stood leaning her forehead against the wall in by the clear broad forehead and the distinct low eyebrows and low contracted forehead obliged me to form his lips to my forehead but i started with blood rose to my forehead but the provocation was rest laid on my forehead the weight of his agony stood upon my forehead as i looked distractedly dream then leant my forehead against the threshold and herself i rubbed my forehead and did my very a moment the polished forehead of laura that it carelessly divided on a forehead whose spotless whiteness was from laura montreville s forehead to her nose and noble arching of her forehead that she was above that shaded her commanding forehead was silver white her drops stood upon her forehead and she shook in one hand her bursting forehead while with the other mantle piece with his forehead resting on his arm hand wildly upon his forehead and exclaimed madman that cried hargrave striking his forehead in agony you will drops stood on her forehead as she remembered how her hand to her forehead complained that her head of the nose and forehead with the inflexible closing drops standing on his forehead found himself shackled between room pensively resting his forehead against the window sash his hand to his forehead he walked about not clenched hand on his forehead turned away his crime help still motionless his forehead resting against the wall drops bursting from her forehead she sat in the Choose a word to see it in context: elbow Here are the occurences of elbow in /data/cs21/novels/AUSTEN.txt: ------------------------------------ only sat at her elbow but was continually obtruding has been knocking my elbow unmercifully my dear it be close at his elbow made so instantaneous a confine him to my elbow it would be hideous benwick sits at her elbow reading verses or whispering ------------------------------------ Here are the occurences of elbow in /data/cs21/novels/BRUNTON.txt: ------------------------------------ placing a large stuffed elbow chair close to the a sturdy square built elbow chair with a back the cushion of an elbow chair by the fire with couches footstools and elbow chairs a harp occupied of an old fashioned elbow chair she sprang up she forgot the old elbow chair when she saw Choose a word to see it in context: anything Here are the occurences of anything in /data/cs21/novels/AUSTEN.txt: ------------------------------------ hodges or to inspect anything i have not the obliged to attend to anything and consequently am without at school to understand anything thoroughly i hope to imagine that she has anything more serious in view cannot easily resolve on anything so serious as marriage sir reginald should know anything of a matter which her uncle should get anything out of her i i am vain of anything it is of my smile when reginald says anything amusing and let the does not proceed from anything wrong and that i de courcy could do anything with my mother but the first hope of anything better was derived from her to think of anything but frederica s removal and praise to have anything like natural shyness and was she puzzled about anything in her lesson that she in short want anything he could possibly get did you ever hear anything so stupid my dear towards them or of anything at all promising in a better effect than anything he had yet been with her aunt with anything like satisfaction as soon forlorn widow unfit for anything my spirits quite broke her refusing to do anything for a niece whom not supposed before that anything could ever suit her her other relations to anything like a permanence of can persuade him into anything of the sort it was more rapturous than anything which miss crawford s that is worse than anything quite disgusting yes that i could be doing anything wrong they looked just improvement ma am beyond anything i never saw a part if i had anything within the fiftieth part for me to attempt anything where i am now poor man to enjoy anything and that disheartened me promotion do you know anything of my cousin s the trouble of writing anything worth reading to his her was worse than anything which they had done hardly possible indeed that anything else should be talked her own than from anything else she felt that family portraits no longer anything to anybody but mrs efforts delighted to connect anything with history already known whether she had seen anything of miss crawford and first he scarcely said anything his looks only expressed at all productive of anything useful with regard to army and nobody sees anything wrong in that nobody if he had been anything but a clergyman we absence from mansfield without anything but pleasure in view the party who found anything to dislike but since my spleen more than anything to have the pretence if i could be anything or everything as if than injudicious to attempt anything of the kind it my father and for anything of the acting spouting we had better do anything than be altogether by mad that could see anything to censure in a the message than on anything else the scheme advanced of a decision as anything pursued by youth and nor the gamester presented anything that could satisfy even part in the play anything but that my dear our credit in making anything of it from this am determined to take anything and do my best as willing to do anything when julia meaning like be impossible to make anything of it fit for all the morning knew anything of the matter but so useful to have anything of a model we ought do not act anything improper my dear said we shall never act anything i was just going says if there is anything a little too warm i could not act anything if you were to have no objection to anything that you all think could go there after anything unpleasant below and find i cannot think of anything else give me your there was no longer anything to disturb them in the moment to promise anything it was all good had no share in anything she might go or she could almost think anything would have been preferable take her share in anything that brought cheerfulness to the way of doing anything yet sir thomas is was misery to have anything to do with mr you think there is anything so very fine in to his ever making anything tolerable of them nobody could not perceive that anything of the kind was a bustle without having anything to bustle about and has been no attempting anything since the first day he was gone before anything had been said to and caring little for anything else where did you opinion and saying scarcely anything he did his best it was worse than anything you can imagine i nor could he regret anything but the exclusion of very happy to think anything of his daughter s never thought of as anything or capable of becoming or capable of becoming anything and now it is to a shrubbery or anything of the kind i to surmising or soliciting anything more miss crawford however lament or to feel anything of the sort a all i cannot intend anything which it must be no situation to do anything for you or to must look down upon anything contented with obscurity when to hear you have anything so good in the in the case could anything in my opinion be should not think of anything else and if it in a humour for anything but music with that enough when she has anything to express and then that it proceeds from anything but your own idleness had hearts to value anything good henry crawford was can reconcile me to anything and saw with lively and curiosity up to anything william expressed an inclination am not aware of anything else the house is it if you do anything but it is capable cannot possibly engage in anything of the sort at the first lord than anything else was william s been present than remembered anything about her he passed sensation than the having anything returned on our hands handwriting itself independent of anything it may convey is journey to think of anything else sir thomas approved am very sorry that anything has occurred to distress do not tell me anything now which hereafter you would be incapable of anything else though perhaps some be afraid of hearing anything you wish to say forbade its fixing on anything serious she must watch odd or thought her anything rather than insensible of consulted or to have anything take place at all of it to derive anything but irritation from considering could not have devised anything more likely to raise be severely resentful of anything that injured only herself immediately glad to have anything to do and happy she could hardly eat anything and when sir thomas him a commission for anything else that is worth matrimony would be forwarding anything of a serious nature how to reply to anything so imperfectly understood was to appear to think anything really intended she wrote am so unequal to anything of the sort that being obliged to know anything of the matter nearly certain of his meaning anything seriously but i did very very different from anything that i had imagined want to add to anything you may now be a glow of gratitude anything might be bearable rather felt equal to almost anything that might save her immediately denied there being anything uncongenial in their characters in their characters or anything unfriendly in their situations he would have expected anything rather than a look to consider him with anything like a preference he hands who can say anything new or striking anything anything new or striking anything that rouses the attention you wonder is there anything in my present entreaty because one never sees anything like it but beyond i could never see anything of it and fanny believing yourself unequal to anything fancying everything too much of it to have anything to say and they quite impossible to do anything but love you fanny she had not foreseen anything of this and her evening there never was anything quite like it another think of him with anything like indifference but are self he scarcely said anything he was evidently oppressed fanny when i have anything worth writing about anything anything worth writing about anything to say that i long enough to suspect anything she was gone again when did you get anything to eat and what should prefer it to anything then betsey my dear as a proof of anything more than their being been able to recall anything approaching to tenderness in opinion and new as anything like an office of subscriber amazed at being anything in propria persona amazed stronger health is there anything i can do for had no abatement from anything passing around her a to administering comfort of anything within the current of where the mind is anything short of perfect decision since she had heard anything of miss crawford or a presumption which hardly anything would have seemed to was not likely that anything unpleasant should have preceded but how to find anything to hold susan s i had done that anything could occur to make could learn or understand anything before she was taught already placed without having anything to do there or i have not seen anything i like so well was not thinking of anything that is artful and time rather more than anything else in the world too you hardly mentioned anything of her when you she could think of anything to say and had girl i never saw anything half so beautiful but are not to know anything at all of the declare i never knew anything like you what can you never stick at anything my sweet catherine do or a caper or anything like one catherine delighted not often meet with anything like it in oxford she hardly talked of anything else did she tell it she cried beyond anything in the world and experience she scarcely saw anything during the evening yet he had rather do anything in the world than blaize castle too and anything else we can hear console her for almost anything they passed briskly down at clifton nor in anything else i had rather never mind going through anything where a friend is in the power of anything to change them but reached home without seeing anything more of the offended neither seeing nor hearing anything of them the tilneys not mean to say anything wrong but it is on i conclude as anything that does not actually the misfortune of knowing anything should conceal it as informed themselves to desire anything more in woman than that she would give anything in the world to be more horrible than anything we have met with had catherine listened to anything so full of interest to be delayed by anything in his nature to allen s side without anything to say or to me an offer or anything like it there must expected nor wished for anything of the kind from acquit me then of anything wrong you are convinced i do not think anything would justify me in am sorry they find anything so disagreeable in me and loiter about without anything to see next followed s spirits and scarcely anything was said but by he could not propose anything improper for her and several others without perceiving anything very remarkable in either some time without discovering anything of importance perhaps nothing for her to observe anything further and fixed all round the room whether anything within her observation would in particular examination of anything as she greatly dreaded being able to distinguish anything with certainty she could that it should be anything else in that house smallest expectation of finding anything but it was so eye could not discern anything unusual a double range in not one was anything found well read in smallest idea of finding anything in any part of was unmarked therefore by anything to interest her imagination s room is there anything extraordinary to be seen of continual improvement by anything he said there were catherine could hardly eat anything tears filled her eyes the letter of containing anything unwelcome i should have yourself any trouble because anything would do henry only to say otherwise and anything in reason a bow the dust is beyond anything and everybody one cares hardly supposed there were anything worse to be told that i could suggest anything in extenuation good god prevented her from noticing anything before her when once found herself soothed beyond anything that she had believed it but as for anything else it is no you have not left anything behind you in any his power to say anything to the purpose returning saw no dignity in anything short of it she for wit and of anything approaching to imprudence a of claiming anne when anything was the matter was use glad to have anything marked out as a with me not that anything in the world i hers neither was there anything among the other component benefit from books or anything else he had very not think there was anything the matter with me because if you see anything amiss you need not and help play at anything or dance anywhere and mrs musgrove more than anything else and often drew anxious to hear whether anything had been said on who had never done anything to entitle himself to away only think if anything should happen the child send for me if anything is the matter husbands luck if there is anything disagreeable going on men make little charles do anything he always minds you moment s notice if anything is the matter but persuade him to do anything he did not like living on board without anything to eat or any lucky fellow to get anything so soon with no and i would bring anything of harville s from having ever called them anything in the whole course grace were worse than anything chapter captain wentworth was in his claim to anything good that might be only doubt is whether anything could persuade him to people thought there was anything to complain of anne persuade a person to anything i am afraid of meet lady russell with anything like the appearance of more pleasure than almost anything else could have done you will not find anything very agreeable in him one s scissors or anything that happens do you to the sight of anything tolerable by the effect not much interested in anything relative to anne but of offering to take anything i do not think yesterday offering to convey anything to you a very i never could see anything of it and this treachery or levity or anything akin to ill usage cold or friendly or anything so certainly as embarrassed two passed without producing anything the theatre or the you could have found anything in lyme to inspire you need not say anything more of your ignorance that light there is anything which you suppose his explain if there is anything in my story which there was no longer anything of tenderness due to allow books to prove anything but how shall we how shall we prove anything we never shall we could do for her anything was possible anything might her anything was possible anything might be defied rather not pretend to be anything extraordinary now when a sakes we would do anything lydia my love though disposition which delighted in anything ridiculous the evening altogether in my life saw anything more elegant than their has no pleasure in anything else i deserve neither the power of doing anything with quickness is always lady possesses have you anything else to propose for sooner one tires of anything than of a book disappointing mr darcy in anything and persevered therefore in bingley i never heard anything so abominable how shall man whom nobody cared anything about it certainly is he had never seen anything but affability in her i could forgive him anything and everything rather than extravagance imprudence in short anything or nothing certain it of having really done anything to deserve to lose elizabeth had time for anything but a blush of find her manners beyond anything i can describe and not pretend to regret anything i shall leave in upon your guard risk anything rather than her displeasure the very mention of anything concerning the match threw i should not mind anything at all let us thankful mr bennet for anything about the entail how try to believe almost anything but no one else before they had known anything of the matter miss be as useful as anything elizabeth was exceedingly pleased one accurate idea of anything we will know where when mr collins said anything of which his wife are not uncommon scarcely anything was talked of the is no occasion for anything more lady catherine will glad to see them anything was a welcome relief hearing you can think anything wanting we neither of own attachment to hertfordshire anything beyond the very neighbourhood the difficulty of finding anything to do which was supposed if he meant anything he must mean an you chose or procuring anything you had a fancy manners captivating neither could anything be urged against my impossible to think of anything else and totally indisposed letter though scarcely knowing anything of the last page eagerness to grasp at anything his behaviour to herself with his ways seen anything that betrayed him to be unprincipled or unjust anything that spoke him of she felt depressed beyond anything she had ever known say would hardly cost anything at all mamma would of them good for anything take your choice but continually abusive without saying anything just but one cannot out that jane saw anything of him in london sure i never saw anything of it to my be infinitely superior to anything they had expected he environs to think of anything else fatigued as she hastily rejected neither had anything occurred in the intelligence i could never see anything extraordinary in them they absence nor have i anything to plead in excuse would to heaven that anything could be either said either side and had anything of the kind been moment in asking whether anything had been heard of they no apprehension of anything before the elopement took him denny denied knowing anything of their plans and postilions and try if anything could be made out again as soon as anything more is determined on ten thousand pounds or anything like it has been we have ever had anything from him except a girls can i do anything for you in meryton never heard nor saw anything of which she chose bowed and smiled like anything elizabeth could bear it should like it beyond anything said her mother and party or scheme or anything to be sure london wish i could say anything to comfort you replied without confusion said scarcely anything he was not seated where she lived or anything it was my brother she did not think anything less than two courses at times have given anything to be privileged to very politely declined eating anything and then rising up to be intimidated into anything so wholly unreasonable your too busy to know anything about it they found but neither that nor anything else awakened a suspicion passed quietly unmarked by anything extraordinary the acknowledged lovers enough oh lizzy do anything rather than marry without should never dare refuse anything which he condescended to there was no longer anything material to be dreaded oftener from home than anything else could do he their fortunes oh beyond anything great what brother on man of thirty five anything near enough to love you are determined on anything but however i hope sensible of having done anything wrong in walking over so i would give anything to know the truth over powered marianne is anything the matter with her the slightest mention of anything relative to willoughby overpowered is i never saw anything so charming only think received no pleasure from anything was only impatient to immediately able to say anything and even when her to find there was anything in my behaviour last tenderness not warranted by anything preceding and most severely and almost without having anything to say to them the habit of giving anything they determined to give of my happiness could anything be so flattering as him unworthy nor has anything declared him indifferent to about the room can anything be more galling to i shan t say anything against them to you the same and if anything should happen to take her possession than by anything else that she reverted cool common acquaintance than anything else i watched you for her infinitely surpassing anything that willoughby ever felt mrs dashwood should advance anything and they were neither not a soul suspected anything of the matter not the utmost nor was anything promised either for the ------------------------------------ Here are the occurences of anything in /data/cs21/novels/BRUNTON.txt: ------------------------------------ for money nor for anything that money could buy and incapable of doing anything to offend her brother had no drags nor anything to take you up Choose a word to see it in context: anyone Here are the occurences of anyone in /data/cs21/novels/AUSTEN.txt: ------------------------------------ the ungenerous representations of anyone to the disadvantage of i can be to anyone i should make a the general report of anyone ought to be credited be quicker sighted than anyone else mr vernon declares its taking place to anyone because i thought that under an obligation to anyone who is the means of no consequence to anyone of very little to which no longer concern anyone living and their language aloud whether there were anyone at leisure to answer been better off with anyone else you will allow should be said of anyone to be always firm only when unsolicited by anyone else he cannot think mr morland sorry that anyone you love should be was so deceived in anyone s character in my at the idea of anyone s approaching so cautiously an evil eye on anyone intending to inhabit that be hasty in censuring anyone but i always speak purses i scarcely know anyone who cannot do all advantage to yourself or anyone else nay cried bingley and talked scarcely to anyone else elizabeth at work is not possible for anyone but it has been on good terms with anyone with whom it had to have attention for anyone in particular allowing for favourably spoken of by anyone i cannot pretend to incapable of wilfully deceiving anyone and all that i about the entail how anyone could have the conscience done no harm to anyone but myself my dear have occasioned pain to anyone it has been most there is to tempt anyone to our humble abode i should not think anyone abiding in it an will not signify to anyone here what he really in my life saw anyone so much altered as cannot be concealed from anyone my younger sister has it i never saw anyone so shocked he could himself if there were anyone that one could apply so little advantage to anyone should be forwarded at humour for conversation with anyone but himself and to to hear it from anyone but myself he is attention to bestow on anyone else but she found you my lizzy to anyone less worthy to complete ------------------------------------ Here are the occurences of anyone in /data/cs21/novels/BRUNTON.txt: ------------------------------------ The word 'anyone' does not occur in the text.