$ python3 textinfo.py Source text: /data/cs21/novels/austen_persuasion.txt The most common word is 'the' which occurs 3329 times. What word do you want to see in context: laughing or without the talking laughing and singing of their been music singing talking laughing all that was most russell could not help laughing upon my word said that boat was built laughing heartily i would not whole history repeated anne laughing she could not make or jumping about no laughing or dancing it is anne could not help laughing that cannot be much What word do you want to see in context: laughter The word 'laughter' does not occur in the text. What word do you want to see in context: elbow benwick sits at her elbow reading verses or whispering What word do you want to see in context: musgrove and heir of charles musgrove esq of uppercross in by becoming mrs charles musgrove but anne with an her refusal for charles musgrove was the eldest son to day except mr musgrove who just stopped and own mr and mrs musgrove took me and we much room and mr musgrove always sits forward so new mr and mrs musgrove were a very good of mr and mrs musgrove so miss anne sir and wholesome exertion charles musgrove was civil and agreeable the day and mrs musgrove took the first opportunity moreover from mary mrs musgrove thinks all her servants them and on mrs musgrove s side it was s complaint that mrs musgrove was very apt not of mr and mrs musgrove s respectable forms in and mr and mrs musgrove s fond partiality for of mr and mrs musgrove more than anything else when the youngest miss musgrove walked in that she headed unfeeling unprofitable dick musgrove who had never done time and that mrs musgrove should have been suddenly of his death mr musgrove was in a lesser at kellynch and mr musgrove had called on him great disappointment to mr musgrove to find that no early return to mr musgrove s civility and she make enquiries and mr musgrove no longer under the protestations to theirs charles musgrove indeed afterwards shewed more increase alarm and charles musgrove began consequently to feel care mr and mrs musgrove cannot think it wrong being in mrs charles musgrove s way on account company together at mr musgrove s for the little a whisper of mrs musgrove s who overcome by listened kindly while mrs musgrove relieved her heart a i suppose said mrs musgrove in a low voice sure sir said mrs musgrove it was a lucky probably not having dick musgrove at all near his dear fellow continued mrs musgrove he was grown so of sharing in mrs musgrove s kind wishes as which she and mrs musgrove were sitting took a same sofa for mrs musgrove had most readily made divided only by mrs musgrove it was no insignificant insignificant barrier indeed mrs musgrove was of a comfortable ma am said mrs musgrove to mrs croft pretty the west indies mrs musgrove had not a word mrs croft was mrs musgrove s hearty answer there it is for mr musgrove always attends the assizes seeing captain wentworth mrs musgrove and mrs hayter were insignificant compared with mr musgrove s and while the him mr and mrs musgrove either from seeing little improper match for miss musgrove of uppercross her husband a dinner at mr musgrove s had been the had been here mrs musgrove told me i should the occasion by mr musgrove with some large books him mr and mrs musgrove were sure all could about this time charles musgrove and captain wentworth being but no said charles musgrove and no no cried be firm if louisa musgrove would be beautiful and but to this mr musgrove for the sake of the two carriages mr musgrove s coach containing the with any of the musgrove family she had only word curricle made charles musgrove jump up that he will carry her myself musgrove take care of the any attendance on miss musgrove there need not be to mr and mrs musgrove the lateness of the off for uppercross instantly musgrove either you or i then it is settled musgrove cried captain wentworth that only one mrs charles musgrove will of course wish that mr and mrs musgrove should be previously alarmed wentworth proposed and charles musgrove agreed that it would inn and leave mr musgrove s carriage and horses to mr and mrs musgrove do you think this in mr and mrs musgrove s distressed state of occurred before to mrs musgrove and henrietta but without of lyme and louisa musgrove and all her acquaintance charmed by a louisa musgrove the first three or think how long miss musgrove s recovery might yet after mr and mrs musgrove s going than anne in lodgings together mrs musgrove had got mrs harville had always given mrs musgrove precedence but then she in immediately surrounding mrs musgrove were the little harvilles their visit and mr musgrove made a point of greatly shaken but mrs musgrove who got anne near influence and like mrs musgrove she was feeling though were the name of musgrove would have told him christmas mr and mrs musgrove have not had one my opinion but mrs musgrove seems to like them the day after mrs musgrove is so afraid of an answer from mr musgrove for it was all i never did mrs musgrove protests solemnly that she charles hayter and mr musgrove has written his consent great match for louisa musgrove but a million times captain benwick and louisa musgrove it was almost too enquiry after mrs charles musgrove and her fine little captain benwick and louisa musgrove the high spirited joyous spirited joyous talking louisa musgrove and the dejected thinking the idea of louisa musgrove turned into a person and returned and louisa musgrove was mentioned and captain concerned for the miss musgrove that all this has ay ay miss louisa musgrove that is the name lady the same miss musgrove instead of being to between him and louisa musgrove but i hope it for that other miss musgrove i find is bespoke lady russell that louisa musgrove was to marry captain mind i regard louisa musgrove as a very amiable his opinion of louisa musgrove s inferiority an opinion mr and mrs charles musgrove were ushered into the few days with mrs musgrove and were at the it consisted of mrs musgrove henrietta and captain harville benwick remained with mr musgrove and louisa at uppercross as mr and mrs musgrove exclaimed anne should be she felt that mrs musgrove and all her party very inconvenient to mrs musgrove put her quite out of calling on mrs musgrove in the course of form they found mrs musgrove and her daughter within at all and mrs musgrove s real affection had was listening to mrs musgrove s history of louisa were seated around mrs musgrove and charles came back done well mother mrs musgrove was good humouredly beginning play without her mrs musgrove interposed we had better before her were mrs musgrove talking to mrs croft been left with mrs musgrove to keep her there engrossed by writing mrs musgrove was giving mrs croft such as how mr musgrove and my brother hayter day and what mr musgrove had proposed the next delicacy which good mrs musgrove could not give could thing considered said mrs musgrove in her powerful whisper mrs croft cried mrs musgrove unable to let her room almost before mrs musgrove was aware of his rather than suspense mrs musgrove had little arrangements of my dear cried mrs musgrove go home directly and protested against and mrs musgrove who thought only of attach himself to louisa musgrove the attempts of angry What word do you want to see in context:
Notice that for some very long strings, it is hard to keep the alignment exactly right. Don't worry if the alignment fails for some some extreme cases.