$ python3 textinfo.py Source text: /data/cs21/novels/shelley_frankenstein.txt The most common word is 'the' which occurs 4194 times. What word do you want to see in context: laughter which would provoke the laughter of those unacquainted with my loud unrestrained heartless laughter frightened and astonished him me with mockery and laughter surely in that moment reserved for vengeance the laughter died away when a What word do you want to see in context: monster the wretch the miserable monster whom i had created dreaded to behold this monster but i feared still i imagined that the monster seized me i struggled the form of the monster on whom i had that i was the monster that he said i daily fear lest the monster whom i had created your remaining friends abhorred monster fiend that thou art was in reality the monster that i am i was i then a monster a blot upon the did you form a monster so hideous that even behold only a detestable monster that is indeed unfortunate me go he cried monster ugly wretch you wish come with me hideous monster let me go my engagement and let the monster depart with his mate my promise fulfilled the monster would depart forever or doubt but that the monster followed me and would exasperate my rage the monster saw my determination in behind on whom the monster might satisfy his sanguinary the fingers of the monster already grasping my neck clouded eyes of the monster as i first saw to me and the monster of my creation i her happy if the monster executed his threat death of magic powers the monster had blinded me to the face of the monster he seemed to jeer on their cause the monster whom i had created power to seize the monster be assured that he the cursed and hellish monster drink deep of agony accurate information a gigantic monster they said had arrived the apparition of the monster seen from our ship and connected such a monster has then really existence on my lips the monster continued to utter wild What word do you want to see in context: distance the north at the distance of half a mile the lake at the distance of rather more than a village at the distance of half a league exactly opposite at the distance of a league and a man at some distance advancing towards me with a man at a distance and i remembered too followed him at some distance as he was proceeding it at a short distance from the shore and harbour ignorant of the distance of the town of longer at a formidable distance and i may hope montalegre and at a distance surmounting all the beautiful and proceeded a short distance from the house but ocean appeared at a distance and formed the utmost were heard at a distance as the islands split lost in darkness and distance What word do you want to see in context:
Note that the word distance is the last word in the text, so there are no words after it on the last line.