CS Department Clicker Instructions

Purchasing a Clicker

For courses requiring clickers in the CS department, you'll need to purchase one of the following physical devices (NOT a phone app):

iClicker plus model iClicker 2 model iClicker original model
iClicker Plus iClicker 2 iClicker Original (discontinued)

Any of these three models will work for CS classes. We recommend purchasing one of the newer models (the iClicker plus is usually less expensive than iClicker 2). The iClicker plus model is available for purchase at the college bookstore. You can, however, purchase yours from anywhere (e.g., Amazon is fine). If you choose to purchase a device online, please account for the shipping time!

Many courses in our department use clickers, and if you are taking multiple courses that use clickers, you only need one device. You can also continue to use the same device for several years, and when you no longer need it, you can sell it!

Registering Your Clicker

Your instructor will give you instructions for registering your clicker, so that we can associate it with you and give you credit for using it. Please register your device early in the semester!