Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

sophomore paper information

The CS department does not assign you a sophomore plan advisor. Feel free to talk to any permanent CS faculty member if you have questions about the requirements for majoring or minoring in the CS department.

To apply to the CS department simply choose the appropriate form below, fill it out (using our tentative future schedule as a guide for when courses will be offered), and turn it in by the due date. Note that if you have not completed at least two of the introductory courses (cs21, cs31, or cs35), your application will be deferred.

When formulating your plan be sure to take all three introductory courses (cs21, cs31, and cs35) prior to taking upper-level courses.

applying for CS degrees

The Computer Science Department offers a major, a minor, an honors major, and an honors minor.

Sophomore papers for 2014 are due on February 24. Please print out the appropriate form below, fill it in, and hand it in to Bridget Rothera in the CS main office.